MO. - FR. 08:30 - 12:30 UHR / 14:00 - 17:30 UHR

Junior Online-Product Marketing Manager (f/m)


People Really Matter To Us.

Marketing to you is more than just bold charts? Woodworking Tools is what truly excites you? And you are passionate when it comes to Impressions, SEA, SEO and Conversion-Rate? Native American? After an amazing opportunity? 

Be part of the sauter family?

We are a rapidly growing and leading family-owned online company since 1997. Our culture is based on a team that supports each other on helping the company to outperform. We are dedicated to provide an exhaustive, innovative online product range in the area of professional woodworking tools. Our expertise lies in routers, saws and drills. You will be part of the sauter-family working with world-brands like (Bosch, Festool, DeWalt, Bessey, Famag …) to help scale-up the company profitably. We are online-dynamic, potential unfolding human and towards our clients, the professional woodworkers, solution-oriented. Our young team of professionals in the area of woodworking, customer service, product marketing and online nerds thrive to provide best-in-class solutions. Fair pay, a brand new purpose-built office 30 min to Munich at lake Ammersee are as important to us as your freedom to arrange your working-hours accordingly to your family needs. We also value BBQ’s, events and fun-time.

Your playing field at sauter

This is the opportunity to unfold your potential and grow our business: 

  • You are an online-marketing specialist passionate about customer usability, SEA, SEO, E-Mail-Marketing, Social-Media Marketing, just to name a few.
  • You will drive the launch of our international woodworking tool webshop and scale-up our foreign business in the years to come.
  • You define the product range closely with our CEO and make sure that all media activities are aligned to propel our international business.
  • You will communicate with our international supplier, some of which are American and address an international audience preferably in Scandinavia.
  • You closely exchange ideas with your German online-product marketing counter-part, learn from each other and thrive on each others approaches towards leading the market.

Your talents

  • You are a well experienced online-marketer, ideally with some product know-how in the area of woodworking tools.
  • Your are both: analytical, conceptual and bold pragmatic in your approach towards online-success, brand and media management.
  • You are an expert when it comes to utilizing online tools such as google analytics and sistrix to raise performance of our international webshop.
  • Your attitude is centered around serving our clients and your team-mates alike for our common purpose to provide smart and innovative solutions to our customers.
  • You are excited to work in a young, small team of professionals and you are known for your hands-on mentality.


People really matter to us. Welcome. Your sauter family.